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    OS 9.3.3 Jailbreak Instructions
    No, it is a tethered jailbreak. Untethered is being looked into.

    Known Bugs:
    If you have TouchID or a passcode active at any time during this process, you will end up in a constant reboot cycle until you restore.

    As you know, the jailbreak is out for 9.2-9.3.3, but not the US version. You still can install the jailbreak, however, through the original version. This is a tethered jailbreak, which means you need to re-jailbreak after you reboot. But hey, better than nothing!

    64-Bit devices only

    Yes, this is only windows at the moment, hopefully they'll release a tool for Mac.
    Install the PP jailbreak tool
    Click on the green button to start the process. It'll take a while. After, you'll get a captcha.
    Go to settings -> general -> profiles, and trust the developer. The tool will install the app on your iDevice.
    Open the PP tool on your device and accept push notifications. After, click the circle then lock your screen
    Wait until it's done, and you'll get a notification with Cydia installing on your device. Notice: Adding specifics... When you get the notification, wait around 1-2 minutes. The notification means that Cydia is being installed. Don't do anything while it happens, and after its done, it will reboot automatically.
    DO NOT uninstall the PP Tool. You're going to need that for each time you reboot and such.

    Misc Info:
    You'll need a computer first in order to download PP on your app. HOWEVER, you don't need a computer to re-jailbreak after a reboot. Just open the PP App and it'll do it for you. Like always, if jailbreak fails the first time, reboot and try again. Pangu addressed this problem in their FAQ.

    What's a tethered jailbreak? What's the difference?
    Basically, now each time you reboot your iDevice, you need to rejailbreak. You don't have to connect your device to your computer, but you still have to open the PP App for a re-jailbreak. The only difference of it from an untethered jailbreak is that tethered jailbreak require a re-jailbreak after a reboot while the untethered doesn't.
    Do I have to re-jailbreak after a respring?
    Do the tweaks stay after the reboot? Or would I have to reinstall all tweaks?
    All the tweaks will stay and the device will be back as if it was jailbroken the whole time once you re-jailbreak through the app after a reboot.
    Where is profile settings? I can't see it.
    If you're trying to find the setting before installing the PP Tool on your phone, it won't show, because it only shows when a profile is there. Download the PP Tool and after a while, it'll be there, because after all you need to trust the developer before opening the app. You should've done a captcha before trusting.
    Get the "storage almost full" warning after jailbreak
    This warning message does not affect your iOS devices. You can just ignore it.

    Recommendation to some tweaks


    Credits to alionfiree

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