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  1. Pwnagex3

    Pwnagex3 Lurker

    how do you use DA nether shield fma if it still works? There's no SI code and drop down menu doesn't work

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  2. Randal511

    Randal511 Premium Premium Member

    You just tick general fma and use the skill. All it does is allow the shield to fly to any mobs on the map though
  3. Vengencee

    Vengencee Premium Premium Member

    Where can l get the bypass for GND? I keep getting dced everytime l use SI
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2016
  4. abeeel

    abeeel Lurker

    Alguna guía en español porfavor? O alguien que me AYUDE me da dc despues de 30seg de usar el mob vac y no se como usar el fma :/ por favor ayudenme, soy nuevo en esto.
  5. jameson

    jameson The New Guy

    Hi there, first post! :D View attachment 26105

    Just started getting my BW working but I can't get him to run on his own yet. When I attack manually, he kills all monsters on map no problem.

    Issue is, when I tick "skill injection," with orbital flame ticked, he does the animation but isn't doing any damage to monsters.

    Here's what it looks like. Also how do I get my pet to pick up items without moving? Do I have to buy the NX item?

    If there's any other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks for your time and help :DD

    EDIT: forgot one thing. I also can't seem to get multiple clients running at once. I'm trying to run my main, without trainer, while also running the bot. Is that not possible?
  6. RiceDude

    RiceDude R i c e Premium Member

    Do NOT skill inject orbital flame, just use auto attack with kami
  7. jameson

    jameson The New Guy

    Okay got it. What is the Kami going to do? No clue what that is. Is it going to raise my ban chance significantly?
  8. cr1ssssss

    cr1ssssss Veteran Hacker

    SI + GND for 5to job ?
  9. xxxyeuaixxx

    xxxyeuaixxx Premium Premium Member

    Beast Tamer no longer FMA anymore
  10. SuperPanda

    SuperPanda Lurker

    any FMA working on Bishop ? And where can I find which skill can be use as generic FMA. Noob here

    LOLAHMADT Lurker

    anyone got Skill ID for F/P Mage Paralyse?
  12. Shawn Lee

    Shawn Lee The New Guy

    anyone got Dawn Warrior?
  13. jkl381

    jkl381 |♚ Quality Assured ♚| Premium Member

    hmm, can't seem to face bosses with Mental Tempest delay lower than 35 x.x
  14. yumic

    yumic The New Guy

    How do i make this work? I'm soooo lost on skill injection and GND... Someone please help!
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    How do i make this work? I'm soooo lost on skill injection and GND... Someone please help!
  15. nukehead2

    nukehead2 Lurker

    Found the Godliest off all Godliest 5th job ND for Dual Blade
    Need to be level 200
    Finish 5th Job Advancement Quests
    Get 5th Job skill
    You get Blade Tempest put this skill id in SI (400040006)

    and Tada now you are godly :D

    Also here is a List of all Current Skill ids for v179

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  16. redmario

    redmario Lurker

    Managed to inject and deal visible damage but mob doesnt die (DA)
  17. cancerkiller

    cancerkiller Veteran Hacker

    that means its client sided
  18. Harlemnite

    Harlemnite The New Guy

    Dark knight can FMA with Spear of Darkness but the ignore skill cooldown makes me shoot hollow spears that doesn't hit enemies. I have to wait the 10 second cooldown, and SI on La Mancha Spear is low damage, only 151%. Anyone know how to access the 700% damage? La Mancha Spear Hack doesn't do anything. I have a feeling it was suppose to.
  19. ubermartin92

    ubermartin92 The New Guy

    why there is no Blaster skill in that list i heard you can boss as well on blaster with a si
  20. Commorrow

    Commorrow Premium Premium Member

    1. Go onto the GameKiller homepage.
    2. Scroll down until you see,"Global MapleStory
    " then click on it.
    3. Click on, "Terminal Guides & Tutorials".
    4. Click on, "Skill Injection Database v2"
    5. Enjoy a much wider (and far more updated) list of skills for you to abuse. :P

    Have fun, and happy mapling!

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