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Discussion in 'Global MapleStory Tutorials & Guides' started by Commorrow, Feb 4, 2016.

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  1. Commorrow

    Commorrow Premium Premium Member

    First off you should really check out the Skill Injection v2 thread (I have it linked in the main post.) :P

    Secondly I'll be (re)testing Demon Avengers next! But in the meantime; you should just use Auto-Exceed. (Since you have terminal.) It's on the main hacking page.


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  2. Its_ofek

    Its_ofek Premium Premium Member

    how can i change the Delay in ND skill?
  3. lemon07r

    lemon07r Lurker

    I get a "you do not have permission to view this page" when i try to see the v2 thread.
  4. Commorrow

    Commorrow Premium Premium Member

    Please read the text below the link. =)
  5. xxxyeuaixxx

    xxxyeuaixxx The New Guy

    Triangulation [36110005] - SI, ND, FMA aren't WORKING anymore
  6. sk8153

    sk8153 The New Guy

    Where is blaster SI?
  7. virus209

    virus209 Premium Premium Member

    dude go to first least try searching
  8. sk8153

    sk8153 The New Guy

    Ty, but i cant find blaster SI, i tried search but nothing
  9. RibIzzle

    RibIzzle Lurker

    Update with Blaster skills please.
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  10. Mayk Miler

    Mayk Miler Lurker

    Where's the id of reflect from luminous, and there is any ID for a Wind Archer FMA?
  11. Stuff Black

    Stuff Black Lurker

    Thanks, appreciated
  12. tee6ix

    tee6ix Premium Premium Member

    So, how does one inject Battle Mage skill without just standing there hitting nothing then dcing, bw injection works fine though,
    No guides on BM.
  13. a853403

    a853403 Lurker

    are there any EVAN skill for Injection +GND ?? ty sm

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