Somewhat Up-To-Date Hacking 101.

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  1. Spanksz1

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    Welcome to the Somewhat Up-To-Date Hacking 101

    I will keep updating this regularly. Just bare with me. I will try to answer questions also and add necessary things as I go!. Hope this starts to help out many people.

    I stopped hacking almost 8 or so years ago, so i'm new to the scene again, but I do understand majority of the time on what to do or where to play everything needed. We shall all learn and come together. So instead of putting each other down, we need to come together as a community. Most tutorials will be from personal knowledge and possibly i'll re look over some old ones and try my best to make them fresh. Bare with me because I am also a noobie.

    Table of Contents
    Updated Hacks.
    Using BYPASS and Trainers.

    Cheat Engine and How to use one.
    More to come and request.

    Up to date Trainers/Cheat Tables/Bypass.

    How to install GKBYPASS

    First you will need to download the current GKBYPASS. (Please do not download if it says OUTDATED. It will not work you will need to wait for a UPDATED version.)

    When downloaded, you can directly extract it to the Mapletory directory. For me it can be down in Nexon/maplestory/appdata. Drag and drop the file in there.

    Loading up the Trainer.

    For this tutorial, we will be using Boss Helper Revamped. Download your prefered trainer, process is usually the same. Right click the trainer and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If the BYPASS is in the right folder, you should see a GK Splash art. Its huge you cant miss it. Wait Until the game fully loads open, and go to your Trainer and refresh. Select the Maplestory process.

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  2. FlyingKnee

    FlyingKnee Premium Premium Member

    Not sure if this is helpful or redundant.
  3. Dragontooth1234

    Dragontooth1234 Lurker

    This helped me thanks
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    GearBoxed Lurker

    this helped alot thanks!
  5. fkboii69

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  6. tylerker

    tylerker The New Guy

    When i first came here i didn't remember how to hack since like v89 of maplestory or right after big bang this helped me out hella haha
  7. LegendIsHere

    LegendIsHere The New Guy

    When i first came here i didn't remember how to hack since like v89 of maplestory or right after big bang this helped me out hella haha
  8. doublemay

    doublemay The New Guy

    thank you
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    mazik5622 The New Guy

    helped me, thank you!
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    Very helpful, thanks!
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    Thank you, quite useful for a newbie like me
  12. djin

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    Thanks! Great post. I'm new so this should help me get started much easier.
  13. chillsbro

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    Helpful, thanks a lot!
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    Really helped a noob like me haha
  15. BabyChou

    BabyChou Renown Hacker

    Looks like u really spent ur time! SWEET!
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    Thanks for the 101/guide. This really helped streamline processes

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