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    FOREWORD: My experience with terminal has provided me with an insurmountable amount of free time, not being consumed by mindless hours of grinding, allowing this testimonial to be brought into creation. This is the culmination of all my experiences using Terminal, as well as browsing the Terminal Premium thread section.

    What we gloss over in order to perpetuate the ‘hate train’ against hackers is a simple truth. So simple, in fact, I can express it in a paragraph or two.

    The solution was never to have less hackers.

    The solution is to have ONLY hackers.

    In order to rekindle interest in Maple and bring everything up to a similar level of competitive spirit, we must give every single player a taste of terminal. Every. Last. One. Only once Maple has been remade in Blaze’s visage will people realize: “wait, I am having fun and am on even footing with my fellow maplers, who are also having fun.”

    In an instant, toxicity and discrimination is wiped from Maplestory as if carried away in a relaxing flood. A verdant bud of peace and happiness springs from between the cracks of hardened veteran grinders, making many smile for the first time ever as they hop into our paradise. It’s beautiful. So beautiful. It’s hard to look at the game anymore without crying. The maple world is now an idyllic landscape written about in fairy-tales, filled to the brim with the happy cries and whoops of players achieving what they never could’ve. You’re immersed in the arcadian grasses of Henesys, arms spread, palms out to receive the energy of your fellow players, absorbing until your chest is to fit to burst with ejaculations of pride and accomplishment.

    Wait? Who’s over there... A-Ansuna? I thought you quit! No, he returned to play the revitalised Maplestory, being able to recover his lost investment of years of grinding in a couple of months. Look at that moppish smile, those expressive eyes, Terminal has made the Maple Leaver into a Maple Dreamer. He brushes a hand through his hair and wipes away a single tear.

    Nexon HQ; they busy themselves with giddy laughter. Never in their lives did they expect to remove so many vestiges indicative of the old times: broken game mechanics are gone, everyone can bypass them now.

    GMs to “improve” the game? So unneeded. What pittance of advice will they offer the playerbase anyways? Let’s replace GMs with clones of the moderation team of GK. No longer will you need to debate with GMs only capable of pressing three buttons: ctr, c and v. Indulge in the immediate response times and guidance provided by our beloved messiahs leroy.jenkins93, Qybah and the rest of the GK community.

    You want exceptional gear to join in on Maple’s newfound splendor? Simple. You can now become the dream Mapler you had in mind with a quick purchase of Terminal. Just a few clicks on the immaculate GameKiller website and the kernel of everlasting jealousy of hackers stowed in you will zoom out into the stars and your promised godly gear will descend downwards. Available starting at $20.

    In this glorious future, hospitals are no longer needed. Humanity has enough mesos to bribe death itself.


    Yours. All yours. Everyone’s.

    Every perfected item, an endless supply of mesos, all the convenience, they’re a pillow sent down by Blaze himself to serenade you into the conclusion of your endless grinding.

    Go outside, Blaze says.

    The game practically plays itself, Qybah whispers.

    Every night you go to bed, excited to wake up and gaze at the immense gains made by Terminal while you sleep. You take medicine to get rid of your dreams because compared to reality they just disappoint you.

    So you live like this, with all the time in the world to pursue your hobbies (like shitposting). Day in, and day out. Freed from the prison that is Maplestory grinding.

    Bless Gamekiller.

    TLDR: Terminal is amazing; what’s more amazing is that it comes in a package alongside exceptional support and an engaging community as well as the obvious limitless gains in game (bound only by time and the user’s intelligence).
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