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    Hello Everyone!
    I highly recommend you use dark theme, or else the yellow and greens are gonna be an issue!

    It's been long since I started another testimonial, so decided to update it here again! I know its quite a few threads I have created. But it's because each version there was a problem that needed to be solved :
    1) Be it GK issue
    2) Be it settings issue
    3) Or the newly IP issue

    Your next question is likely,

    Firstly, this is created cause Anna has been fking us over and GK has been unstable for a good 2-3 weeks. Secondly, the hacking scene evolves so fast that the other threads cannot really show a good picture of what the heck has been happening.
    Also I want the likes cause I'm a like whore :)
    Well thank you there good sir for that wonderful comment, but unfortunately, no I am not paid by them or sponsored by them in any way. Maybe I get a faster reply by Qybah once in a while, when he even replies but no he does not give me exploits (Please Qybah share some!). I am doing this to first track my progress and also to open your damn eyes are what you may be doing wrong.
    Well you don't know, but you can always scroll down to see some results and also see what I am doing. I am not forcing you to be here but you are welcome to stay.

    In this thread I will go over :

    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    How do I buy proxies?
    Step 1: Click order a new service

    Step 2:
    Country : US
    Type : Dedicated
    Amount : However many you want
    Promo Code : I have no idea, someone can send me if they have

    Step 3:
    Choose whatever location you want to put in US, BlazingSEO doesn't use user/pass so you need to whitelist your IP.
    I currently get them from Rain, as he has premade accounts, which counters the blacklisted IP crap. I might still buy from Mr White or ASTROWORLD sometimes, but I will create chars on whitelisted IP

    I don't mind being sponsored tho, heheheh

    Step 1:
    Start with a blank profile on a white IP in a new account.
    Your character should be doing nothing, cause you haven't turned on nothing!

    Step 2:
    Do your tut island manually or whatever 1st job advancement. Listen here you are finding a good training setting not a full auto yet, learn to walk before you run kid.

    Step 3:
    Go to level 30 and put in an auto cast skill, auto HP and auto MP, auto buy HP/MP.
    Now your character should be wasting mana doing skills that is not making it move.

    Step 4:
    Turn on your Kami/Pet Vac/Whatever that brings you or the mobs closer to each other. Now your character should be attacking and getting exp. If you are using Pet Vac, then turn on unlimited attack.

    Step 5:
    Put in some maps for it to level the next 1-2 hours, then leave YOUR DAMN CHARACTER THERE. THATS IT!

    Step 6:
    You come back to a BAN! Means something is banning in your limited hacks, go change it.

    You come back to a NO BAN! Means you are on the right track. Now add in 1 more hack that makes your life better and do step 5 again

    SIMPLE RIGHT? WELL 3/4 of the forum can't do this. Well Done
    What are the investment I put in?

    Monthly License : $40
    Monthly Proxies : $40
    Monthly Electricity (1 Server + 1 Computer) : $100.80


    What I aim to make?

    Monthly overall Profit after cost : ~$1000 USD

    Estimated Daily Profit : $40USD
    Estimated Mesos Value (June 2020) : 1.64B a day

    How much do i eventually make in the past?

    Monthly overall Profit after cost : ~$800 USD

    What are the servers/computer I use?

    Computer 1 : Ryzen 9 X3900 | 12 Cores 32GB Ram 25 Accounts

    Server 1 : Dell PowerEdge R720 | 12 Cores 64GB Ram 25 Accounts
    I will also include some :
    Of course I am a like whore so I'm gonna have a LIKE WALL.
    I sell my mesos either in this forum whereby I only do crypto currency cause some guys just can't be trusted with Paypal chargebacks and crap. Or else it will be with Pixel where there is a huge fee!
    Please Blaze and Qybah open a market up and charge lower fees!!

    Log Progress:
    Good Stuff : Green Colour Coded
    Bad Stuff : Light Red Colour Coded

    16 June
    Finally, Terminal is doing alright! Got some accounts from my man and decided to start botting on 10 accounts.
    Well, Let's just say they all got banned
    It's alright tho, I got a good setting and also updated my python script with the updated headers and also the burning boxes.

    17 June
    My bot is able to go 1->200 no bans now and also automated. Runtime is able 8-9 hours to do that. I think.
    Leaving another 10 more accounts to bot overnight to see if I can replicate this.

    Woke up to 2/3 banned accounts, are random levels like 51 and 80.

    18 June
    Experimented with transferring mesos and how to keep my stuff safe, also tried another 10 accounts with solution to the random bans.
    No bans at all! Going 25hours strong. Will start to include some pictures.

    Mesos transfer did not go well tho and got banned means 1b lost. I will look to see if there are other ways to transfer mesos.

    19 June
    Decided to make a testimonial again to log my progress, and my guy also stopped supplying accounts for now, I think he is sorting some stuff out. Gonna wait it out.

    Oh I found out his non premade accounts are still available. Gonna make 20 of them and run them on clean IP creation first. Then bot them on blacklisted IP. Let's see how it goes. Wish me luck

    20 June (Term Down)
    I think this is gonna be a big update/patch.

    21 June (Term Down)
    Good Luck to Term Team!

    22 June (Term Down)
    Dang real big update I guess, all we can do is wait. While I optimise my map choices.

    23 June

    Oh boy!! Terminal is back up just when I was about to head to bed, decided to stay up to test some old settings and see if headers have changed for this patch. Will run 10 accounts and see how they do

    Woke up this morning to find out that 1 account got banned and need to rush to work. Came back to find that i screwed up a little part of my script, so they kinda didnt farm. Good thing is that 90% non banned rate which is dope!

    Letting them run for a good 20+ hours now, lets see how they turn out tomorrow :)

    24 June
    To be updated!!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020

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    I look forward to this being updated :) if you abandon this I stg.
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    I am sorry sir, LOL! Please do not scold me! I shall keep this updated till the next long break.
    I am waiting for my proxies refresh!

    OH YEAH GUYS! allows you to refresh you proxies with new ones, once per month!
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    what server are you farming on?
  5. Teamviewer

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    Terminal 2020 - Bera Farm - Support/Info
  6. Mariopk2019

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    Sorry but im 0 on pc and I only want try get 1 level 230/240 on reboot and 10/12 levels 140 on same acc for legion.

    My question:
    If i buy that proxy, but i make 1 account some hours ago with idk if good IP or flagged ip (the character was safe botting 2h, idk if its prove of be a good ip) and i want the new proxy on that account for get more security, is more safe? or the account would be fucked anyways cuz was on the first ip?

    And another question:
    That proxy are buy, and like GK proxy? put on terminal the IP what they send and press go? or is more hard?

    Thanks and sorry for u time.

    U tought is stupid try use terminal for reboot? I dont want 10 accounts, only want 1 but have some power for play with my friends (they are 250+ and they told its stupid start from 0 on new maple)

    And I get ban on level 220 (stay 4 days 24/7), with same config than at start.
    U tought that was cuz i mark 1 seccond accidentaly something of mobs?
    or just always u get ban, no matter 1 day or 20 days?.
  7. Teamviewer

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    That is alot of questions, and i am quite confused on what you are trying to ask but I will try my best to reply.

    I would think you should make another account and bot on this new proxy, rather than changing between 2 proxies.

    There is slightly more steps, you need to whitelist your IP. then the rest is the same.

    You can use Terminal for reboot or bera, your choice.

    I don't think its because of 1 second on Mob.

    The randomness of bans can hit you on Day 1 or Day 20. It's sometimes about luck. But alot of times if you have a good setting, you are unlikely to be banned all of sudden unless NGS update or something
  8. vermichelli

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    Maybe a stupid question but im kinda new to this. What's the purpose and difference between whitelist and blacklisted ip and how do i accomplish both of those?
  9. Seveth

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    I'm happy for you that your secret settings are still good. I know a guy who is very experienced, he used to suicide like thousand bots per day, had to given up for few months. Your hard work really pay off right. Hope to see your update soon.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2020
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    is working?
  11. IssaMoe

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    "SIMPLE RIGHT? WELL 3/4 of the forum can't do this." waiting on that update.
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