GMS v.195.2 Terminal Advance MapleStory Trainer & Manager Full Feature List (Unlimited Clients)

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  1. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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    Unlimited Clients
    On top of being the cheapest and best in the market, you will never see us charging any unnecessary fees. With Terminal, you can bot on how ever many clients on a single computer as you desire. We will NEVER charge you any additional fee for extra clients.

    Built in Full Bypass
    Terminal includes a built in full bypass. This bypass completely disables NGS which is exclusive and different than we offer in our public section.

    Built in Advance Scripter
    Terminal includes an advance scripter that gives you the ability to automate almost everything. We also offer full documentation on how you can get your hands wet with the scripter. In addition, there's 4 pages of pre-created scripts you can use with the click of a button.

    Auto Trainer Update
    You don't need to re-download or do anything fancy to update your Terminal Trainer after a patch or trainer upgrade. Your Terminal Trainer auto updates itself whenever we push out an update to the server. Not only does it get rid of the hassle of having to manually re-download updates but you will always be using the latest version even if you aren't checking the forum.

    Access to Terminal Exclusive Pre-created Scripts
    Your Terminal memberships grants you access to a bunch of custom scripts created by other Terminal users from the community. These scripts can be used on the built in advance scripter.

    Access to Terminal Tutorials

    Your Terminal memberships grants you access to a bunch of premium tutorials created by experienced Terminal users from the community.

    Easy Sign Up Process

    We don't leave you hanging without a response for days after you subscribe like other websites. Your subscription grants you instant access to the exclusive Terminal section on the forum and allows you to start using Terminal the next minute.

    Terminal Trainer
    • Auto HP/MP/Pet feed
    • Auto Rune
      • Automatically casts runes
    • Auto AP
    • Auto SP
      • All jobs automatic Skill Point assignment
    • Auto Equip
      • Automatically equips items that add most range while botting
    • Auto Sudden Mission
    • Auto Buff
      • Automatically casts most buffs
    • Auto Familiar
    • Auto Attack / loot
    • Hotkey Macro's
    • Automatic Beast Tamer Mode
    • Auto Login
      • With offline mode option
    • Automatically crash and restart client when no mesos for X minutes
    • Automatically crash and restart client when no exp for X minutes
    • Wait X minutes after Y DC's in Z minutes [DC safety]
    • Automatically get Puffram pet @ level 30
    • General
      • Fast Pet Item Vac
      • General FMA
      • Full Map Attack
      • Legit Vac
      • Mob Aggro
      • Semi Item vac with ability to spread drops across X axis for less pet loot lag
      • Grenade Kami
        • Kami for Monkey Spirits, Blazing Extinction, ..
      • Mob Falldown
        • Mobs fall through their platform
      • Kishin FMA ND
    • Blaze Wizard
      • Throw Blazing Extinction Ball
        • Throws a BE ball the never disappears
        • Multiple BE balls
      • BE kami
      • BE No Delay
      • Flame orb hack
        • Orbital flame does 15 lines of damage and job 1-2-3 attack at the 4th job speed
    • Kami
      • Kami Vac
      • Kami Loot
      • Option to ignore Elite mob
      • Evan Dragon Kami
      • Kami Collision Items
        • Exp orbs, ..
    • Skill Injection
      • Melee SI
        • With option for melee no delay
      • Magic SI
      • Shoot SI
      • Option to grab all available skill IDs from character
    • Kanna
      • Shikigami Charm FMA + custom delay
      • Monkey Spirits FMA + no delay
      • Summon Kishin
    • Mob Vac
      • Normal MobVac
      • New (Airhit) MobVac
      • Vac to char or specific coordinates
      • Mob Vac Control
        • Ability to vac to different coordinates in different maps.
        • You can customize coordinates for each map you're botting in and have it saved.
    • Other
      • Infinite Snail Pet
      • Auto Die/Revive
        • So you don't overlevel the mobs where you farm at.
      • HP/MP pot rush, Equip Rush, Etc Rush, Use Rush
    • Spawn Point Control
      • Set a Spawn point for every map you bot in
    • Detects Invisible Players when no mules in map
    • Different Options
      • Everyone allowed
      • Local allowed
        • Clients from manager are allowed in your map
      • Nobody allowed
      • IGN allowed
        • Certain inputted IGNs will be allowed
    • Evasion Options
      • Next Map CC
        • Change map -> cc -> go back
        • Don't need to wait for breath
      • Packet CC
      • Normal CC
      • No Reaction
        • Turns off hacks
      • Logout
        • Relogs to avoid
        • Don't need to wait for breath
    • GM Whisper Reply
    • Godmode
      • Full Godmode (Includes bosses)
      • Guard Godmode
      • Timed Godmode
    • CPU
      • Memory Reducter
      • No Lag [No Quest.wz lag]
      • No Fade Stages/Tile/Background/Map Objects/Weather/Damage Info/Screen Clutter/Loot Animiation/Skill Effects/BE effect
    • Job Specific
      • Infinite Bullets
      • Instant Final Smash
      • Auto Exceed
      • Unlimited Arrow Platter
    • Mob
      • No Spawn Animation
      • No Death Animation
      • Full Mob Disarm
      • No Boss map effects [Boss disarm]
      • Vellum Freeze
      • Mob Speedup
      • Lemmings
      • Boss Freeze
    • NPC
      • Auto NPC [Get's through npc chats and cutscenes without delay]
    • Teleport
      • Portal Teleport [BackSpace]
      • NPC Teleport [ tab]
    • Other
      • Slide and attack
      • No Knockback
      • No Blue Boxes
      • JDA
      • Unlimited Familiar Vitality
      • Jr. Boogie ND MP Regen
      • Ignore Skill Cooldown
      • Unlimited Attack
      • ....
    • Item States
      • Filter: item won't be dropped from mob
      • Sell: item will be sold to npc
      • Use: item will be used [Think of Neb boxes, elite boxes, charm pots, other boxes, nodestones etc...]
      • Drop: item will be dropped if it's in inventory [Think of junk you get from boxes, etc..]
        • Can choose to drop once the slot is full
    • Ability to filter all but mesos
    • Ability to filter all:
      • Equips and/or Use and/or Etc
    • Ability to set Item State as "Sell" when it first gets dropped
    • Cross-continental
    • Almost all maps supported
    • Hyper Tele Rush
    • Rush By Level
      • With this you can automatically change maps while botting and leveling
    • Autosell rush
      • Automatically rushes and sells drops to closest npc when inventory is full
      • Able to use Traveling merchant
    • Autobuy rush
      • Automatically rushes and buys pet food or mp/hp pots.
    • Meso Transfer
      • Automatically buys out arrow for bows from your FM shop to transfer mesos.
      • Automatically rushes to FM and rushes back once a certain amount of mesos is made.
    • Automatic Nodestone disassembling
    • Automatically reset Inner Ability until Legendary or Unique Rank
    • Instant Enchantmen Scroll/Star
    • Instant Extraction
    • Automatic Nebulite fusion
    • Auto Red/Black cube to epic/unique/legendary
    • Auto buy Red/Black cube
    • Free Market Spot Stealer
    • Free Market Browser
    Almost everything can be automated through the Scripter.
    Some pre-made scripts are:
    • Automatic Job advancements
      • Blaze Wizard Tutorial and job 1,2,3,4
      • Kanna Tutorial and job 1,2,3,4
      • Wild Hunter Tutorial and job 1,2,3,4
      • Blaster Tutorial and job 1,2,3,4
      • Option to get Jr. Boogie for unlimited MP automatically
    • Automatic QuestLines: Terminal can do all these questlines without you even touching your computer.
      • Temple of Time and 5th job questline
      • Nameless Town Questline
      • Chu Chu Questline
      • Stronghold Questline
    • Automatic Boss Prequests:
      • Auto Hard Magnus prequest questline
      • Auto Damien prequest questline
    • Others
      • Auto Pet Training [JQ]
      • Auto Harvesting
      • Auto buying cubes without DC'ing
      • Automatically use Lucky/enjoyable winters and legion buffs
      • ....
    An advanced scripter with that gives you the ability to automate almost everything.
    You can read the documentation here:
    • Formatted and Unformatted Log
    • Receive/send Log
    • Send Packets
    • Spam Packets [With randomizer]
    • Ignore OPCodes
    • Block OPCodes

    Terminal Manager
    Our manager allows you to easily monitor and manage your MapleStory clients. You are able to choose from multiple modes and assign proxies to your clients for safe multi-botting.

    • Launch/Close/Hide your clients directly from Terminal Manager.
    • Automatically restarts clients upon crash.
    • Normal Mode
    • Elite Farming Mode
      • If an Elite Boss spawns on one of your bots then all your clients using Elite Farming Mode that are in the same continent will rush to the Elite Boss map and channel to kill the Elite Boss together so they all get an elite box.
    • Follow Function
      • You can easily make clients follow each other. This is very useful when leeching characters or if you want your kanna mule to stick with your main farmer. Following includes map changes and channel changes so your clients will stick together no matter what.
    • Proxy support
      • Nexon only allows 5 clients on each ip adress so you can assign a proxy to your MapleStory clients to not get detected by this check and to avoid chainbans.
      • Example: client 1-5 on home IP, client 6-10 on Proxy #1, client 11-15 on Proxy #2,...
    • Details about when elite bosses spawned
    • Option to show all clients in a grid with preset window sizes
    • Button to hide/show all clients
    • Option to crash all bots when ban detected and then wait X minutes
    • Option to crash all clients at a certain time
    • Option to start all clients at a certain time
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  2. Sankere

    Sankere Lurker

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    I'm going to be testing this out as soon as I reach 10 post. Thank you for the release!
  3. uberbor3d

    uberbor3d Informed Hacker

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    Nice, time to try it.
    mamoominty likes this.
  4. emeldj

    emeldj The New Guy

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    Thanks for the release! Can't wait to try it out.
    mamoominty likes this.
  5. Lamp1996

    Lamp1996 Canada TRUSTED SELLER Premium

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    Has anyone tried it yet? :D
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  6. 98798462M96

    98798462M96 Australia The New Guy

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    This looks amazing! Thanks for the release~
    mamoominty likes this.

    BANKAIMASTA United States The New Guy

    Post Count:
    Dang yo, but I wanted to keep my lurker status, rip.
    Thanks for the release though! Can't wait to try it out.
    mamoominty and Blaze like this.
  8. robbie7777

    robbie7777 United States Veteran Hacker

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    woah this is new.

    Does "waiting for the game" count as fully loaded or no
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
    mamoominty likes this.
  9. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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    Perfect time to come out of your closet ;)
  10. uberbor3d

    uberbor3d Informed Hacker

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    So I guess I'll be the first to post a problem I'm having, now I'm not sure if I should post it here or on the loaders thread, but I'm getting error 10, not sure what is it though.
  11. Kleptomaniac

    Kleptomaniac Canada Vouched ✔ Premium

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    That's actually pretty cool how it changes maps for you depending on your level. Been looking forward to something like this
    Harlemnite likes this.
  12. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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    Post a screenshot of the error and the all steps you took before you encounter this error. The more information we get, the easier we can help you.
    uberbor3d likes this.
  13. PurpleCloudz

    PurpleCloudz Informed Hacker

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    @Blaze And whoever helped with this, thanks for taking time out of your day to make a trainer for everyone to use.
  14. robbie7777

    robbie7777 United States Veteran Hacker

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    the gkg is not injecting into maple its stuck on waiting for game. I downloaded both and put the file in to maplestory folder already. I deleted the bypass as well.
    Fix: Close every maple related thing and restart.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
  15. BlueGua

    BlueGua United States The New Guy

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    Nice hack! i really hope this hack can add more FMA feature, such as Aran's shield reflex FMA, and Dual blade's Asura's anger FMA~
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  16. Lamp1996

    Lamp1996 Canada TRUSTED SELLER Premium

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    Is it true this trainer can detect GMs?
  17. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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    I sent you a private message.
    Cremosita likes this.
  18. ninjagod

    ninjagod Canada The New Guy

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    Thanks Blaze, I've been here since 2010 and have loved GK since. You are doing God's work, keep it up.
  19. ikickewoks

    ikickewoks The New Guy

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    This is excellent, just got banned using friendly! Literally 10 min later this was released ty you somuch!!!!!
  20. loaft

    loaft Canada The New Guy

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    Can we get a suicide before level?
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