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Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by waddup, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. waddup

    waddup Veteran Hacker

    Can I only have one computer using terminal? I have a computer is terrible in bosses andlags but farms okay. And I use a laptop for bossing but I dont wanna keep it on 24/7 bc its a laptop. Do i have to buy terminal twice?

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  2. Redonk

    Redonk Premium Premium Member

    Yes, you can only have terminal on one computer as it is HWID (Hardware ID) locked. The lock looks like it resets every 24hrs to let you change comps though.

    There are many cpu hacks on terminal though to lessen the load on your computer such as; show no damage, no background, no clutter and etc. These options should make it so you only need to use your main computer for bossing and farming.
  3. yehoshuaabraham

    yehoshuaabraham Premium Premium Member

    i dont know why but when i use terminal i have much less lags then the public bypass. so i rly reccomand on buying the terminal
  4. waddup

    waddup Veteran Hacker

    Ok thanks for the help.

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