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    Hello everyone, we are looking for a few users to help keep the forum in check. See below for information regarding the two ranks we are currently looking to recruit for. And yes, the purrrty name colors you see below are the official username color you will get on the forum if accepted to the team.

    Terminal Support Team
    : As a member of the Terminal support team, your job is to assist users with any problem they are experiencing while using Terminal as well as helping new users set up the trainer. You need to be active in both the shout box and the forums. In addition, you must offer team viewer support if the user is having trouble following text instructions. You cannot directly apply for this position but in the next few weeks we will be on the look out for users that meet the criteria above.
    Current team members: RiceBaby, leroy.jenkins93

    Official Graphics Designer: As a member of the official graphics designer team, your job is to design a variety of graphics work for the forum. Example of such work includes but not limited to designing icons, new forum logo, seasonal backgrounds for our breadcrumb area, banner for any of our cheats, buttons, and anything else that we need done. If you have experience with video editing, then that's even better! To apply for this position, simply send me a link to your portfolio or any past work.
    Current team members: dot_Carlos

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