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  1. Facumen21

    Facumen21 Argentina The New Guy

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    Started playing Maple Story last year during november/december (recommended by my cousin) because i was bored of playing lol.
    First time i found about hacking in game being possible was after my first lvl 200+ which took me more than a month with the great wondroid+3x coupons event...
    I started hacking with free mini trainer for a couple of weeks i believe until i got lucky with a raffle and won a one month terminal premium.
    Until almost the end of the month, i didnt really know how to use scripts and was satisfied with the normal hacking, the ones included in terminal. But how i regretted not knowing the usage of scripts when i went a little more in depth about them. Life got much easier and now it only takes me a day to lvl to 200 while leeching or much less if its an ark, not blaster in my case because idk why but it dcs more often.
    Still, im a little afraid of full botting so i watch some tv or at most leave the pc unattend for 30 mins max whenever im using terminal.
    Some months being a member of terminal premium and can say its worth the investment even though im not making money with it like many people do. Made an alt with DB, Ark, and Kanna, and another with bishop. It takes away the dull days of grinding like a robot forever and not having a good carry. In addition, daily arcane river quests are only just at the reach of a script instead of hard time failing or just barely making a few coins from them.
    All in all, you wont regret being a terminal user even though you are a noob at it because its easy to use and even if you have a bit of trouble, just ask in the chat and usually it wont take long to find and answer. Of course, ask after not finding an answer in the search tab, or at least if you dont find it in the first couple of pages from the results.
    Hope you liked reading my terminal testimonial and have fun hacking.

    PS: First time im opening a post so dont be disappointed because its all text and no visual appeal.
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  2. Adamolition1

    Adamolition1 Israel Informed Hacker

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    Very straight forward, and I totally agree with everything you say. especially the utilizing of scripts. they're amazing and people need to use them more often

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