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    Well, here I am. As a full-time college student and as someone who works full-time (somehow, I don’t really know how I am surviving) - I have to admit, Terminal has made noticeable impacts on my life in terms of making it easier with monetary gain to help contribute to my college tuition as well as other personal payments. Money is not the core tone of my Testimonial, but I will put it out there that I have made above $8000 in profits with multiple Dedicated Servers, in order to help pay for my necessities (and college and rent is expensive). It’s easy to make thousands of dollars with Terminal. Simply make accounts or buy them, make either Ark or Kanna depending on your preference for farming, level them to the certain level and find corresponding maps, and profit. Once you understand the full potential of Terminal like me, then this all becomes more of a fun activity rather than a chore.

    I started off reading the guides and looking at tutorials in order to understand Terminal at a greater scale than being full out oblivious upon purchase. When I had purchased it, it was a new start of my Maplestory ‘career’, as I converted from being a mercher and legitimate player to someone who solely sells meso now. I invested my time to learn more about Terminal and what it was capable of. Running multiple bots per IP became a trial and error game, which broke the ‘5 bots per IP’ myth I had. In addition, I really enjoyed the Item Tab and Item Filter feature, which made it incredibly easy for all purposes of farming, such as the Santa Boxes that reward Enjoyable Winters. I have been botting for about a year now; was very active and made great pushes to be helpful within the community when it came to general everyday answered questions, or even more complicated ones. It is quite difficult to summarize up my whole years experience in detail, but Terminal has multiple assets within that make everything simple and easy.

    I even recorded some videos of myself using Terminal for fun - for my own usage and sending it out to my friends in my Discord servers. I saw Blaze had a video editor wanted post, and I wanted to test my learned abilities -- such so the Terminal Promotion was born and gained 6k views.
    I took a lot of time to simply edit a short promotional video, and it is greatly unknown in regards to the amount of tiny details that can occur within using Adobe Premiere Pro. But, what can you do.

    Then summer came and I was working overtime + had an internship during the night. TeamViewer became a super helpful tool in accessing my computer that was running 24/7. Whenever I had lunch breaks, I would check in on my bots in case I had to tend to them more closely. Around midsummer, many people were releasing new scripts for the new Maplestory updates. I was intrigued by the contribution the community put forth for no reward in return. But, by then, my time was limited for video editing, and I was still making some videos for Blaze, but they weren’t to the perfection I had envisioned. I never fulfilled my promise to Blaze about completing more videos upon returning from my vacation - and I apologize for the lack of professionalism Blaze. I do watch the YouTube videos from time to time to check on the new uploads, which always is cool to see the community growing.
    But, a year changed my life in terms of work and activity on the forums.

    I have been using Terminal for a while now, and will continue to do so. There have not been any sort of dramatic negative incidents with the support team or program. Making money by using Terminal is heavily underappreciated, as people have the ability to make thousands in a single month based off a $20 purchase (with the exclusion of pets). Making money off of meso is not the only boundary Terminal has. You are able to produce accounts and characters with single scripts and auto functions - allowing you to sell accounts, premade Kannas or Arks, etc. The functions within Terminal beat other programs. If anyone believes Terminal is not worth it, believes it is too expensive, or is outranked by competitors - then you are greatly mistaken and should thank Blaze and Qybah for the program they provide.

    I always have more to say, but you get my point about my experiences with Terminal. If anyone has questions or would like details, I am willing to help and provide more. For those who do not wish to bot, then by all means don’t. You leave more money in my bank account and others here. You are blind to not use Terminal; and I quote “Terminal makes life ez”.


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