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  1. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

    I see this question asked almost everyday on the forums and discord. What is the best class to farm/hack in Reboot? Many people don't know the answer to it because they're new to hacking, so let me answer it.


    Blaze Wizard is the best class for a multitude of reasons.
    1) It is extremely easy to level. If you know where to train, you won't have trouble at all because of the SI, FMA, and GND.
    2) It is extremely easy to boss with and to farm with. Starting 1st job, you get a FMA attack. When you reach 4th job, you get Blazing Extinction. This skill can be injected, FMA, and GND all at the same time, giving you massive amounts of DPS, and hits per second. In some cases, you don't need much range at all to boss.

    To sum things up, Blaze Wizard is the master class for hacking and farming.
    BW ftw. :p
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  2. bradleyman88

    bradleyman88 The New Guy

    Almost every hacker i see is BW lol
  3. Rangez

    Rangez Lurker

    Yea easily the best class!
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  4. BabyChou

    BabyChou Renown Hacker

    That's true, BW is the best!
  5. lee32z

    lee32z The New Guy

    BWs i see r only hackers lol
  6. BigBadBagsy

    BigBadBagsy The New Guy

    I've seen a lot of these, confirmed!
  7. Ambient

    Ambient The New Guy

    inb4 they nerf the class, kinesis is good too
  8. dopest

    dopest The New Guy

    I have a luminous at the moment, would it work or do you have any other suggestions besides the BW ?
  9. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

    Luminous only has FMA Reflection, which isn't even the best. It's up to you, but I highly recommend you use BW.
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  10. dopest

    dopest The New Guy

    I will make a BW then, which others would work on this ?
  11. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

    With a BW, you have FMA Orbital Flame from 1st to 4th job.
    At 2nd job, you can SI + ND Ignition.
    At 4th job, you can use unlimited blazing extinction, FMA , and ND
    You can also use SI +ND for blazing extinction and for Dragon Blaze, the hyper.
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  12. dopest

    dopest The New Guy

    Looks like this is the one everyone uses, yeah that is a lot of skills you can spam, wonder how strong it'll be late game :D
  13. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

    Very strong, you can HH with about 150k range
  14. SikMool

    SikMool Premium Premium Member

    Should I make a farming class? Or can I just stick with aran and farm with it? Worth the time investment?
  15. Venuz

    Venuz The New Guy

    definitely make a farming class. Some classes arent as efficient farmers (like aran) as other ones.
  16. Danko911

    Danko911 The New Guy

    Can you share some maps to fast lvl BW?
  17. vietpz1

    vietpz1 Premium Premium Member

    Blaze wizards are indeed the best class ever :D
  18. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

    In my opinion, you should use your BW as your farming class, and your main. It makes things much easier.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 21, 2016, Original Post Date: Oct 21, 2016 ---
    I recommend this guide I got off of Reddit. Source:

    10-30 Red Golems at Henesys, Or 10-27 then curse eyes to 32-33.

    30-35 Curse eyes/first 2 quests in ellinel fairy academy

    35-50 gold beach coconuts / clam maps

    50-58 Riena strait

    58-60 Do the 200 boar kill quest

    60-61 Perion excavation site Skeledog quest

    61-70 Party train at Drakes

    70-80 Drakes or Cargo/Minotaurs

    80-96 Ariant Desert

    96-100 Mithril Mutae

    100-110 Rashes or Hankey burning stage 10 very common

    110-120 Ludibrium Robos and the kill 100 of each panda quest, also Toy Trojans

    -Mid Game-

    If you strong enough go Moon Bunnies till 140. If not, 120-125: Straw Dummies in Mu Lung, then Moon Bunny (Do the Kill x quests as well)

    140-180: Temple of Time questline, and the most efficent 4th road you can train at.

    140-150: The new Shanghai area that just opened up is fairly decent.

    ~160: Dark Cornians spawn is insane but they are really beefy

    180-190: Hall of honor/ Road to oblivion 4

    190-205: Twilight perion Stumpys or Warrior Grounds with party

    205+: Scrapyard Hill 5

    Good luck!
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  19. camcam1234

    camcam1234 The New Guy

    I think kanna so you can have the kishen but blaze it lit al well
  20. Eternalty

    Eternalty The New Guy

    does any bosses has fire resist? planning to make one! lol
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