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  1. Airwaves

    Airwaves Canada Veteran Hacker

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    Okay, so i've been surfing the web for a while now, trying different methods for monetizing.
    And some of the more popular shares for methods are PTC (Paid To Click) , you see them almost everywhere over the internet. But about 90% of these methods are not as efficient as the one i'm about to give you today, for free.

    All you need to start earning is a few things:

    • Register to NeoBux
    • A paypal
    • A little patience for the beginning (this is where everyone fails in PTC)
    • Dedication to clicking your ads everyday (come on, it takes 5 minutes)

    Okay, if you feel like you still qualify after reading the requirements above, we can start making money.
    This is an auto-pilot method, but it will take you a little time to start up with no investments, but it is completely possible to achieve the same goal as investing, obviously it just takes more time.

    eoBux Glossary:
    My Account - Your home page, go-to for everything statistics-wise on your account.
    Membership - Your current status of membership! Standard/Golden/Ultimate (We'll get into detail of how this benefits you)
    Balances - Main Balance, is your generated profit. Rental Balance, is your money you use towards your rented referrals.
    Rented Referrals - Referrals you pay to rent monthly! This is how you're going to be making money.

    Okay, so let's start!

    Step 1:

    Designate a time of day where you can click your ads! (they take about 5 minutes)

    Step 2:
    Save up your money in your balance, most guides will tell you to buy at .60 cents ; this is not the most optimal way, as there are other expenses that come along with your rented referrals, save up to 1.20$ , it takes a bit longer, but patience is definitely going to pay off here.

    Step 3:
    So you have your 1.20$, now what? Okay what you're going to want to do at this point is rent your first 3 referrals! At this point you can turn on auto-pay (an option where you automatically pay for your referrals, so you don't have to worry about re-renting).

    Step 4:
    Rinse&Repeat: You're going to want to rent 3 referrals as soon as you hit another 1.20-1.50$ in your balance (remember you STILL have to click your ads everyday, or you will not get the money your referrals generate for you).

    Step 5:
    After you have a steady amount of daily income from your referrals daily, you're going to want to save all the way up to 100$! Sounds like a lot of work, but honestly it's just dedication. After you have reached 100$ you're going to want to upgrade your account to the Golden status, at this point your referrals will generate more money for you daily (around double), and use the other 20$ to buy more referrals!

    Step 6:
    Start renting more referrals, while ensuring you have the money to renew/recycle the existing referrals. Once you reach 1250 referrals, stop renting as you're going to want to focus on building up that balance!

    Step 7:
    Once you have the balance, upgrade to Ultimate account status, it's a hefty upgrade fee but it has great benefits, that will help you earn even more money ; Keep renting referrals until you reach over 2000 referrals ( the best point is 4000+), but some like to cut it off short, and prefer not to wait. When you hit your comfortable referral zone you're going to want to turn off auto-pay for your referrals. At this point you're going to want to be saving money so you want to long-term rent your referrals. Renewing for 240 days at a time will you cost you more upfront but will definitely discount you in the long run! You can make close to 100$ profit daily if you perform this method correctly, all it takes is time, organization, and dedication.

    Understanding Certain Concepts of NeoBux (or any PTC) is a must.
    Going to try and break down some of the main concepts to you guys/girls.

    Recycling Referrals: This method is essentially getting rid of referrals who aren't making a good average of money for you daily.
    A good explanation/strategy for recycling can be found .

    BEP or Break Even Point: Is the minimum average you will need in order to recover your investment.
    A great guide on calculating your BEP can be found h .

    Do not start trying to make money with NeoBux until you understand these main concepts!

    You are under no obligation to register under me, it would be greatly appreciated however!

    For any help or advice, PM me!
    If you are looking to invest in NeoBux instead of waiting to build up and buy your referrals, PM me if you need any guidance on how to go about it!

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  2. XMystoganX

    XMystoganX Fanatic Hacker

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    Nice, I'll try this website out. Thanks for the share!
  3. Airwaves

    Airwaves Canada Veteran Hacker

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    No problem mate, hope it works out for you!
    Let me know if you need anymore help.
  4. Airwaves

    Airwaves Canada Veteran Hacker

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    ProBux has shut down, revised guide for NeoBux.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2015
  5. Starkw

    Starkw United States The New Guy

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    Your second link doesn't work and do you have proof of payment.? Might try this.
  6. XMystoganX

    XMystoganX Fanatic Hacker

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    This thread's pretty old... The website's legit... But the payout is really low... It took me a few months just to make $2...
  7. Iceinus

    Iceinus Veteran Hacker

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    The payout is actually really high, but what you need is patience. If you want, you can just load up $25 and start with 100 referrals to speed things up, but I'm making quite a bit each month, but not in the thousands yet of course.

    I also made a much more detailed guide on how to use NeoBux correctly and successfully.
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