The reason for the so called "Mass Ban"

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    You guys call it "Mass Ban" because most of you got yourself banned on the same day.

    But it's actually a MISTAKE that you've made yourselves..

    Let me tell you how the GMs normally work on hackers.

    When someone reports a player who is suspected to be hacking (occasionally some who are 200% oblivious to the fact that they're over-hacking), the GM team will go into a full investigation on the reported player just to be sure that the said player is really guilty, even if they know that he is.

    It can take days or weeks or even months before they actually ban the player, but when they do, bans would most likely be permanent.

    Here's how it goes:

    You make one mistake

    Another player sees it

    You are reported

    Tell yourself that you are screwed, my friend

    Sometimes, you just have to pack up and move on.

    Now, most of you are going to say: "But I've never left Ruben Field!"

    Correction: Yes you did. There is always a chance for your character to leave Ruben Field when botting. The two places that your character might accidentally enter are Ruben Village and Elder Village. And as we know, Elder Village is usually crowded.

    If a GM discovers you without player intervention, you are normally ban for 7 days for the first offence. After those 7 days, you will be tracked for a week. The second offence would yield a 30 day ban. After the 30 days, you will be permanently tracked, meaning if you hack even after 1 year you will get caught. Though, there's a slight chance that you might escape if you're realllly lucky.

    The actual threat here isn't any ol' GM, but the player base. When a player reports you, the GMs do a full investigation on you. After they're done, it's a permanent-ban for you. They aren't dumb, they are smart. Smarter than you. They know what you're going to do if you found out that someone reported you. You will start transferring your things, won't you. The GMs know that, and as such, perma-bans your entire IP address.


    The real reason why I tell you that Ruben Field is a good place to bot:

    Ruben field is an extremely vast map. That one field contains a huge lot of subchannels, which make it impossible to find another "Player" in that field.

    And about the GMs, you will probably be thinking: "Maybe the players don't appear, but the GMs can! Therefore, it's not safe!"

    True, but let me give you an example why I claim that Ruben Field is safe..

    Example: There are 4,000 players who decide to go inside Ruben Field, all of them on channel 1. Now tell
    me, will at least one of them be able to meet each other?

    The answer is : No.

    There are so many subchannels for that field that it is impossible to actually meet someone else that is a player in that field.

    Which mean when GM does an investigation in that field, it takes roughly a month to actually finish.

    Also, I'm only talking about one, only one channel. Consider all the channels we can switch to, and tell me if that changes your perspective.

    If a GM actually finds you in the field, it will be a 7 day ban for the first offence, 30 day ban for the second offence and a permanent ban for the third offence, as I've mention earlier.

    In the game policy, they do state that punishment will be at a GM's discretion, but in actuality, it's about player reports.

    Here another example to convince you:

    When the GMs do their investigation in Ruben Field, they look who is online on that subchannel. Sure, they can look for the IP and such, but they can't see what you run and when you start/end your run. They have to actually go look for you themselves and track the IP to your new location to actually see what you are doing.

    The more players they are in Ruben Field, the harder it is for the GMs to get you.

    And as I've mentioned a couple of times already, the first time a GM finds you, you get a 7 day ban.

    If you have a permanent ban, a player reported you because of a single mistake that you've made. The VIPs should have already read my guide about this, which I've included 20 tips on what to watch out for when hacking.


    Now I believe that you'll want to ask me how I got all these information..

    Simple, some time ago, I've gotten myself a GM position in another server.

    Found out their method and such on many servers.

    Got many GM friends.

    One of my friend is an ex-Elsword GM. He left because he wanted to do something else.

    He told me every single method the Elsword GMs use, the tools they use and so on.

    Their methods and tools aren't very different from the server I've went to.

    As always,

    All these things I keep reminding you all is from experience and obtaining contacts, not some stupid guesses.


    A big thanks for @

    Which has completely correct my grammar :)

    Thank you for taking your time correcting my errors :)
    The day i have made this thread i was a little "piss off" to see so many thread about " I am banned, so i blame the hacks " that i have made this thread without really looking at my grammar x)
    I wish i could have done it but i had other things to take care of.

    Anyway, thanks again mate !

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