this is a good bye guys

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat & Community Discussion' started by peretz, May 2, 2018.

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  1. peretz

    peretz Israel vouch seller

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    so for the last week i saw how much time i have to really play and help here and well i am going to quit (not selling any acc so...)
    because of that i am going to do 1 big guild of how i made more then 144b a day with my bots!

    so i will put a list of what you need to have to do it as well
    1. i use 3 db lvl 225 to farm nodestone and arcane drop stone at lach
    2.17 acc of cadena lvl 207 to farm nodestone at under the cave (the far last map on r side)
    3.i use elite farm mode

    that the 3 things you need now i fillter everything expet of rare chat that you get from eilte and nodestone and cubic blade and the choess one everythign else i filtter it to make more room

    now that you have all that you need to move all the nodestone to 1 acc then dont put all your stuck in 1 time split it to 5 then you can make the price highr then what he really is and well guys that my guild of how i made 144b a day
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  2. GKThrowaway

    GKThrowaway United States Premium Premium

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    grate guild
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  3. xxxdexlessxx

    xxxdexlessxx Poland Premium Premium

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    nice guild,need to try this
  4. Viriatus

    Viriatus Portugal OG - 2k06 Trusted Seller ✓ Premium

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    neci guildi
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  5. driven

    driven United States Trusted ✓ Premium

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    awesome guild now i make 1444b per day xD
  6. shadowerace

    shadowerace Australia $ VIP Meso Farmer $ Premium

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    cool guild, i want to join
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  7. MiniTofu

    MiniTofu United States Veteran Hacker

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    can i join this guild too? /s
  8. jgormigon

    jgormigon Canada Premium Premium

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    What's the guild's name? I want to join.
  9. Who?

    Who? United States is followed by "what?"

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    What the fuck is this thread?
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  10. ymerkah

    ymerkah United Kingdom Premium Premium

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    I tried this guild and my db's penis got stuck in a tree, what do ?
  11. Saihko4

    Saihko4 United States Premium Premium

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    Click bait thread. before u leave please give me rest of ur terminal
  12. ShinGouki

    ShinGouki United States Prominent Hacker

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    Who fucking cares.
  13. notmaou

    notmaou United States Premium Premium

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    thank u for the guild

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