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    One of the most important mechanics in this game is flying with boost. Work on it in training! It is crucial. If you can maintain control in the air you're nearly unstoppable.

    1. Once your car has the purple effects from boosting, stop boosting. You can't go any faster than that, so you waste boost that could be used for aerials.

    2. Be decisive. Go for the ball if you think that it's best, stay back if you think that's best. Hesitating in between while seeing the ball fly over you is the worst.

    3. Being a team player is pretty important in a team based game. It took a lot of training to be patient and realize if my team mate has a better shot than I do, to let him take it instead. Even if you are cheating you have to play as a team!!

    4. There is no such thing as a designated goalie. If you realize two of your team mates are past the half court line, then go ahead and pull back; the ball will come to you soon and you'll get a good set-up for your team.

    5. When you try to score and the ball hits above the goal or is about to, jump immediately towards where you believe it's going to be in the next second. With a lot of attempts, you'll become accurate at this.

    6. Dribble side to side, not in a straight line.

    7. If you slightly boost into the air and frontflip into the ball with contact at the front of your car, you'll spike it at 90+ kph. I call it a worm burner.

    8. If you chose to stay back at kickoff and the ball goes up the wall on your side, boost at that thing as fast as you can and hit it towards their goal off the wall. If you make it, congratulations you're a god. If you miss their goal, congratulations you set up a potential goal for your team.

    Credit to for most of these tips.

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    Kevpert releases a bunch of nice rocket league tips also

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