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  1. JordanBB420

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    Good Variety of maps and places to train & Grind at
    If you have any suggestions or feedback leave a comment below :) and like if it helped ! :)

    Flaming Golems - Golem Temple 3/4 (10-20)**
    Curse Eye - Green Tree Trunk (20-30)**
    NLC Quiz - New Leaf City: Major (30-31)
    Coconut Slime - Beachgrass Dunes 1 (30-45)
    Wild Boars - Wild Boar Land (45-55)
    Copper Drake - Silent Swamp (55-65)
    Sandrats & Scorpions - Sahel 2 (65-100)
    Robo's - Apparatus Room (100-120)
    Moon Bunnies - Black Mountain Entrance (120-140)
    Death Teddy - Forgotten Path of Time 3 (120-140)
    Selkie Jr & Slimy - Mysterious Path 3 (140-160)
    Skelegon - The Dragon Nest, LB1 (140-150)
    Advanced Knight A-E - Knight Chamber 1-5(160-190)
    Oblivion Monk - Detour to Oblivion 1 (150-170)
    Official Knight D&E - Armory 2 (170-190)
    Ancient Golem - Warrior Grounds (190-200)
    Chaseroid - Scrapyard Hill 5 (200-210)
    Corrupted Magician - Corrupted Magic Forest 2 (200+)
    Reparoid & Salvoroid - Black Heaven Deck 1 (210-220)
    Megaroid & Xenaroid - Black Heaven Maze 5/7 (220-250)

    Other alternatives:
    Orange/Blue Mushmom (10-30)
    Golden beach: Rough waves (40-50)** All of Gold beach till lvl 50
    Golden beach quests (35+)**
    Ellinel Fairy Academy (30-40)
    Kerning Swamp area (45-55)
    Perion: Skeledogs (50-60)
    Riena strait (50+)** Good Exp / Questline
    Magathia: Lab area B3 – Iron Mutae (60-100)
    Magathia: Lab area C2 – Roids (85-100)
    Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon (60-70)** Good Exp/Questline
    Tangyoon PQ (PQ, 60-80)
    Romeo & Julliet PQ (PQ, 70-120)
    El Nath: White Fang (60-80)
    Monster Park Extreme, MPE (100-140)
    Monster Park (100+)
    Ludibrium: Toy Trojans (100-120)
    Leafre: Dragon Forest 1 - Blue Dragon Turtles (120-130)
    Leafre: Hidden Street - The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (130-140)
    Dimension Invasion (140+)
    Evolution Chamber, EVO (120-165)
    Zipangu: Armory – Bains (120-140)
    Herb town: Pirate Den 3 – Captain and Kru (120-140)
    Temple of time (135-165)
    Singapore: Diabolic Jiangshi Base (140-160)
    Armory 1 (165+)

    Easy zakum (50+)** Easy Zakum Helmet +15allstats (2xaday)
    Zakum (100+)
    Hilla 2x (120+)
    Ranmaru 2x (120+)
    Von Leon (130+)
    Horntail 2x (135+)
    Krexel (140+)
    Bodyguard (The Boss) (160+)
    Commerci voyages (160+)
    Pink Bean (160+)
    Madman Ranmaru (180+)
    Empress (200+)
    Chaos Zakum (200+)

    ** --> Highly Suggest

    -I didnt make this, I just Edited it, Re organised it a bit and made it alot more pleasant to read and look at -To make my life and your lives easier-
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  2. niba10

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    can you type what kind of hack did you use for these mobs?
  3. JordanBB420

    JordanBB420 Canada Informed Hacker

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    Well honestly i haven't gotten terminal to work for me I've tried absolutely everything but any hacks I try I always get ngs detected it's shitty but if you use

    Auto hp / mp / buff / attack
    Unlimited attack
    Auto cc / gm whisper
    General / full map attack
    You will be Gucci
  4. RevolutionNL

    RevolutionNL The New Guy

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    Nice Guide JordanBB420 :)!
  5. FlyingKnee

    FlyingKnee United States Free from Nexon

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    Garbage guide, I suggest you don't use this.

    Also note it will only "work" for a few classes.
  6. JordanBB420

    JordanBB420 Canada Informed Hacker

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    @FlyingKnee Lol, its just a general list of diferent places to go and bot, some are low key / places you wouldnt think of.

    if your so smart why dont you write a guide ?
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  7. FlyingKnee

    FlyingKnee United States Free from Nexon

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    GoldBeach? WG? Moon Bunnies? Robos? MP3? Explain to me what part of this is "Low Key". This is called "Please-Get-Banned-As-Soon-As-Possible."

    Only reason I'm bashing you is so newer guys don't follow this.
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  8. chunkyboi

    chunkyboi United States Informed Hacker

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    these spot are some common that everyone goes there
  9. bardab4wz

    bardab4wz Israel Lurker

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    will try farmin in these places once new updated hack come out
  10. Jagakama

    Jagakama United States The New Guy

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    I'd like to make a suggestion. Instead of Drakes, you could go to Excavation Site I and instead of skelegon, you can go dark cornians and then from then you can go to ToT if you have a tp rock, it'd be easier also so you don't have to do prequest but you kinda have to if you want to get 5th job. Also instead of the knight chambers at 170, you should just tp to hall of honor. On bossing, you shouldn't do chaos zakum unless you are a GND skill using class like kinesis or blaze wizard, you should do it at 2m-2m range otherwise it'll take a while
  11. purex13oi

    purex13oi United States Premium Premium

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    Honestly , I would never follow a guide. Despite the efforts other people make (respect to you guys). I say develop your own and spend a solid 15-30 min layout of what you think will benefit you.

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