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Discussion in 'Rocket League' started by beatdis, Sep 11, 2017.

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  1. beatdis

    beatdis United States Lurker

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    I am about to test out the free version of rektLeague. I'm going to record, @Blaze @Qybah , if you would like I can edit it into a video and you can use it as media if you find it to be to your liking. I'll edit it regardless but ill post it here after. I won't monetize either. If you like the quality of it I can do it for the free version of POE as well!

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  2. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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    Do you have extensive experience with video editing? any past work you can show? maybe you can become an official video editor for our forum and get access to our premium service for free :)

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