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Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online Market' started by Tropical, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Hey guys, well, i've been seeing a massive increase in scammers lately which really sucks to be honest. So i've spent quite a bit of time here to type this guide on how to keep yourself safe while trading.

    Alright so there are a whole lot of things to look at when you're trading with someone new, or generally anyone.
    These factors are things that many people forget to do and end up being the victim of an unnecessary scam, today I will teach you the wonderful steps to protect yourself and ensure a quick and successful trade!

    Join Date
    First things first, look at the guy's join date. A guy whom had recently joined and rushed over to the market section is a potential scammer. Do not go first in trades with these sort of people. They probably just created a scamming mule so that if they get banned, nothing happens, they'll just create another account and scam more and more people without any real harm to themselves..
    Try to stay away from people whom have recently joined (1 month) and if you do trade with one, either let them go first or use a middleman.

    Post Count

    Check and see how many post counts your potential buyer has. A higher post count usually indicates an active member of the community with some form of reputation. A low post count, but an early join date may be indicative of someone who comes on intermittently with possibly multiple (scamming) accounts. Also, look to see what kinds of posts they are. Are they helpful or is it just some random emoticon in random spam? Does the buyer seem knowledgeable or is he/she simply gathering some fake credibility?

    Payment method
    A buyer who insists on using Paypal MAY be indicative of a scammer. Paypal is notoriously buyer-friendly, and buyers can chargeback (refund) their money after a successful trade. Should they chargeback, you will be out of your sold goods without a profit. While you may dispute said chargeback, doing so is not always successful, may take up to a few months, and is sure to create an enormous headache. If PayPal is in fact the only possible payment method, be sure to use a middleman.

    A buyer with many vouches is LESS LIKELY to scam. This does not mean they will NOT scam, but it is another indicator of a member who has credibility and a reputation on GameKiller. However, do not be misled. Look at the vouches and check if they are authentic. Some scammers are clever and make multiple fake accounts to load themselves up with fake vouches. Always make sure that the vouches come from a wide spectrum of previous and credible sellers. A buyer once asked, “How can I obtain vouches if no one wants to trade with me in the first place since I have no vouches!?” Easy. Do a few MoneyPak trades or use a middleman.

    When dealing with a buyer, ask questions and discuss the trade. Do not try and sell right away. By conversing with the buyer, you can learn what their native language is, how often he/she frequents GameKiller and how reliable they appear to be. If you have doubts trusting them, avoid selling.

    Some Extra tips

    -Any Middleman will gladly PM you confirming his identity. Do not accept any other confirmation method except PM.
    -If a "middleman" denies PMing you and comes up with ANY excuse, AVOID using him.
    -I can not stress about this one enough, NEVER GO FIRST
    -Save the paper receipt from all MoneyPak card purchases
    -Never be afraid of asking the trader / middleman questions. We encourage you to ask and to know what is going on.

    Well, that's about it guys, please read this before trading, even if you are a master at trading and have never gotten scammed, there's a first time for everything. Try to avoid it for as long as possible!

    [ALERT]I have permission from Netro to post this in both account sales section and item and currency section. Mods please do not delete.[/ALERT]
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