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    Stats provide a peer to peer payment service, much like Cashew. You can easily transfer money to your friends. They recently changed from dealing in BTC only to dealing in £ and Euro, and so they are trying to get £ and euro customers by offering £5 per sign up.

    Use my link to sign up, transfer me £25, I transfer it straight back, and you withdraw £30. You can then go on to recruit your friends. Deposits and transfers are instant, and withdrawals take 3-5 days depending on your bank.

    I've made maybe £100 recruiting my friends, and thought I would offer you the chance to do the same.

    As I am a new member here, I am offering 3 vouch copies where you receive free £10 instead of £5 (you get my free £5 as well). 2 Vouch copies remaining.

    The only condition is you cannot then post your referral link here, take any other forum, just not here.

    My link is


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    vouch i went first and it went super smooth zzz no oom needed.

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