[Selling] [Vouched][Cheapest] Meso Farming / Kanna 120% Mesos Drop Service [GM Detection]

Discussion in 'Reboot' started by paulox30, Apr 25, 2018.

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  1. paulox30

    paulox30 Peru Informed Hacker

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    Mesos Farming Service ( 0.6$ / 1B)

    - Kanna (Lv140 - Lv17x) with Pet and 100%+ Mesos Drop rate is required.
    - Log Info is required.

    For each 50B that you buy , you will get +5B for free

    With this service you will get Neb boxes and Twisted Time for free :D !

    if you donĀ“t have a Kanna with 100%+ Mesos Drop rate, we can make you one with 120% Mesos Drop rate +5B for only 25$ !!
    Discord : Paulox30#9294

    Skype : Paulox30MN

    Payment : Taking Paypal :)

    Im well vouched, I have a vouch thread , but it is on the rival site (G....S...) ( I will give u the link if u want to check)

    I use GM Detection 24/7, this service is 99% safe , remember that there is always a very very low chance to get a ban, keep that in mind.
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  2. dennzaghi

    dennzaghi United States Premium Premium

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    I didn't have a Kanna that had any mesos gear and it took him roughly three days to complete the service. Well worth the money and he's a kind and generous dude!
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  3. parru

    parru United States Lurker

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    +1 vouch,
    Bought a kanna with 100% meso drop, finished in 3 days
    A very nice seller in general
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