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    Hey everyone,

    Terminal has been a literal game changer for me in terms of playing Maplestory. I've been playing for a while now using the free trainers, which seemed to be useful enough to consider not purchasing Terminal. However, I decided to give Terminal a chance, considering it was only $20. The first few days of using Terminal have been a little hectic since I didn't read too far into guides on how Terminal works. Terminal turned out to be really intuitive to use and overall a great experience. Although I'm still not to familiar with some aspects of Terminal, I've found it to be extremely useful in terms of farming or just general use.

    I'm sure most people realize how much of a grind Maplestory can be to level, do prequests, or even farm mesos (which is a constant necessity). All of these took too long to realistically do for me in my daily life, at most I only had a few hours to play each day. Now with Terminal, I can easily set scripts to complete prequests while I go out of the house or to farm mesos for me to use when I come back. Then when I get back, I can use Terminal to easily clear bosses that I couldn't do otherwise. Some of which include the CRA bosses, Hellux, and Hard Hilla. Terminal really allowed me to enjoy Maplestory even more since it took away a lot of the "gated" content that required hours to unlock. So far, I've experienced zero issues with Terminal. I believe that Terminal is 100% worth its price, especially with all the things that are given for it.

    I highly recommend purchasing Terminal if you're considering it. I'm considering purchasing an extra month based on how often I've used Terminal already.
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