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    As we are getting into election season, waiting for stimulus, and bank interest rates simply going down for the next few years, we have to stop and think and utilize our money to its best potential. Now is the time to look into buying stocks as we have seen a major tech pullback and many big names drop in price. We all know these growth stocks will bounce back in the future so why not invest in some stocks?

    If you haven't heard of Webull, it is a fairy new trading platform that can be used on a desktop or mobile app. The great thing about this platform is that there are zero commission fees! No fees for buying or selling a stock and no fees for withdrawing or depositing money.

    upon signing up with Webull you will get 1 free stock and depositing 100 dollars you can receive and additional stock with these chance values:

    1000-1400$ is 1 in 10,000
    100-200$ is 1 in 1,111
    30-100$ is 1 in 52
    12-30$ is very high

    you can simply deposit 100 dollars and then withdraw it after receiving your free stock. Literally free money with no strings attached (I am saying this because I literally received 50 dollars of free stocks, but I on the other hand continued down the path of depositing more money and making Webull my primary platform)

    you can sign up using my referral link if you like the information I'm providing:

    if you'd rather use the regular link, that's fine too:

    The sign up process is rather strait forward. Click the link and follow instructions. Be mindful they will ask for your ssn. Remember they have to do taxes on your earnings so of course this is required. Very important when you open an account you will be given the option of Cash Account or Margin. If you have the money go with Cash Account because there are fewer risks and you will be have unlimited day trades.

    When you finally make your account and if you have no stock market experience, I highly recommend you do the following:

    1)start a paper trading account: this is trading with fake money following the stock market real time. This will help you understand how the market moves
    2)adopt a strategy: swing or day trade. Swing trades are trades kept over a day. Day trading is as its name implies, buying and selling on the same day.
    3)Buy these books once you adopt a strategy:
    How to Swing Trade by Andrew Aziz
    How to Day Trade for a living by Andrew Aziz
    4) Join a group of some sort. There are plenty of discord trading groups, here are some I recommend

    stocked up discord with over 1000 members

    great thing about this discord is the sheer number of people looking at different stocks notifying others of good plays

    77 trades a discord with a little over 100 members

    if you like a more intimate group this discord jumps on voice chat every morning and announces stocks to keep your eyes out for.

    Once again if you found this information helpful and are interested in signing up with webull here is my referral link

    If you decide to enter the market do your due diligence and good luck!

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