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    Hey everyone,

    Been a while since we last announce anything on this forum. I'm sure you're quite shocked when you signed into GameKiller today and noticed all the visual changes. I also know this is long overdue but today I'm here to share some exciting news that will shed light on the future of this forum. Myself and a group of talented individuals have spent the last 2 months working on an update that will drastically improve this forum hence the "v2" in our new logo. Today is not only an exciting day for the people that worked tirelessly to make this possible, but also for those who stuck with us through thick and thin over the years and still stop by to check on the forum even when there are lack of updates.

    Without further ado, allow me to dive right into "what's new to the forum".

    Brand new look

    This new style is unlike any other style we introduced in the past. It is extremely user friendly and clean. It's guaranteed to give everyone a whole new experience when browsing the forum

    Here are the list of main features
    • Clean, sleek, unique forum interface that is easy to use for all members, removing unnecessary clutter.
    • Logo and Colors that appeal the eye, yet also better represents our focus of GKv2
    • Organize and coordinate the forum by a color scheme.
    • Increase performance by using less resources and better methods.
    • Flexible and easily customizable
    • Combine features that are suitable for GameKiller from both vBulletin and Xenforo
    We are still working on customizing parts of the theme and making it fully responsive. Once that is done it will actually be enjoyable to browse the forum on a mobile device. That will be fixed in the near future. If you run into any bugs or feel anything can be improved or added, please post it in this thread or create a new thread in the suggestion section.

    Official Cheat Loader - GKGateway
    GKGateway is our official authenticator and cheat loading system. The system will support both exclusive premium and public cheats. It's also fully server based which means you won't ever need to re-download the program whenever we make push out an update.

    You can download and read more about GKGateway in detail here:

    TERMINAL - MapleStory Trainer
    MapleStory VIP finally makes its return here on GameKiller. It's been many years since we last introduced an official MapleStory VIP.

    Terminal is a trainer that was in the works for more than 2 month and will remain a work in progress as there is always room for improvement. We focused primary on perfecting all the automation features and making your botting sessions as smooth and rewarding as possible. Terminal will be free to use for a period of time. We haven't decided how long it will stay free to use but we will utilize this opportunity to gather feedback and use it to further improve the trainer. Your feedback is important so please report any bugs, suggest any features you feel is worthy to be looked into and added, and remember to do it in a constructive and respectful manner.

    To read more about Terminal, go to this thread:

    Server & Performance Upgrade
    We predicted there will be hundreds if not thousand of user utilizing GKGateway to run our cheats in the near future, therefore performance was a large concern. We purchased a 4 CPU litespeed web server to assist our dedicated server and to outsource load and increase performance. In addition, we optimized, and fine-tuned both the server and forum to further enhance performance. We used this opportunity to not only improve load times on the forum but also keep GKGateway stable.

    We have integrated HTTPS, and made GameKiller more secure by ensuring all connection to the forum are TLS-encrypted. We have integrated this in GKGateway which means all information communicated from the system to server and vice versa is protected by HTTPS.

    What to expect in the next couple of weeks?
    • Dungeon Fighter trainer - the initial version is already completed with only a few features but we will continue to develop it until it evolves into a full fletched trainer. We plan to release the trainer as it is to gather user feedback similar to what we are doing with the MS trainer.
    • BF4 cheat - to be announced
    • CSGO cheat - to be announced
    • Forum shop and currency will be making it's return along with many more forum upgrades!

    General forum updates

    We will be looking for fresh faces to fill spots on our section moderator team in the following weeks. As of now, there are no application procedure. If I notice a qualified individual I will personally reach out and inform them of the opportunity. You should not be messaging me asking me If you can apply or be a moderator.

    You may also have noticed we hid a lot of inactive category and section. Some sections may be restored in the future if we feel they have potential to grow and become active again. We've also completely pruned both the announcement and suggestion section. We felt that it was necessary in order to keep the new threads organized in these important sections. During times like this community feedback is very important so if you have any ideas we're all ears. Post it in the suggestion forum and we will definitely take it into consideration.

    Special thanks - Some people wish to be un-named so I will respect their request. Here are the list of people that deserve praises and thanks.

    Sammy, Dominic, Mike, KBZ, Mckay, and the beautiful contributors that kept the MS section alive (@Su, @ngnam87, @NORBIN, and @RealYaoMing). Over the last 2 month I've had the opportunity to extensively work with a bunch of great people and it's been a helluva experience (no homo lul). Now the two fine gentlemen that deserve more than just praises are @Qybah, and @Mahorori. They helped me on a personal level and it has been a honor to be able to closely work with them.

    I also want to quickly mention Dominic is the person who designed and coded our new forum style. He is launching his own forum skinning service on oct 30th. You can reach him at skinmyforum.com if interested.

    That's all for now. As always stay tuned and stay positive <3
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  2. Sankere

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    Holy shit this is crazy
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  4. emeldj

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    Looking great :)
  5. xaelicity

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    you a fucken monster.
  6. iamcornhui

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    Looks amazing.
  7. luciferval

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    is very brutal
  8. Suism

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    We lit
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  9. LokiLokiLoki

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    tis awesome
  10. NORBIN

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  11. Blaze

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    Wow, this already looks a lot better.
  14. Axebrotha

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    oooo this looks nice af
  15. Zenail

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    Looking good. Clean/Simple makes it very easy to read and is appealing to look at.
  16. Shiningblader

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    New layout looks great, very clean. Keep up the good work ;)
  17. Dnite

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    Nice and sleek. Great job to everyone who contributed :)
  18. khiemn2

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    Whooa, that's insane I haven't seen you guys update this forum in a long time this beautiful.
  19. vicmacola

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    OMG!!! This is amazing!!
  20. jacky2chan

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    Absolutely beautiful, i've been on and off this forum quite a bit even before my account was made, and honestly this is amazing and kind of has me excited since reading what you guys have done. Thank you

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