when did you find out about gamekiller

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat & Community Discussion' started by Sennez, Oct 22, 2016.

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  1. Sennez

    Sennez The New Guy

    for me it was a few years back when the old gamekiller was still here and i just remembered about it a few days ago again!
    what about you?

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  2. BALZ

    BALZ The New Guy

    during the summer :D
    i was looking for hacks
  3. Nietzsche

    Nietzsche Боже, форум храни!

    I tried to release hacks at MPGH.
    They were a bunch of shitheads, so I came here.
  4. meeop13

    meeop13 The New Guy

    Been here since 2010, I accidentally stumbled upon on this site!
  5. Kinesys

    Kinesys The New Guy

    some other hacking forum lol dont know if i can mention the site
  6. ezmango

    ezmango The New Guy

    i found out GK from a pro hacker friend lol
  7. omer1

    omer1 The New Guy

    i found about it a few days ago when my lil brother showed it to me
  8. dangobfc

    dangobfc The New Guy

    I apparently found out about Gamekiller a year ago, and did nothing afterwards.

    Today, I'm here actually posting stuff~ so technically, today is when I found out about it.
  9. Ulquiorra51

    Ulquiorra51 The New Guy

    years and years ago just looking for maplestory hacks..
  10. Zezos

    Zezos The New Guy

    I tried to release hacks at MPGH.
    They were a bunch of shitheads, so I came here.
  11. Feggson

    Feggson Lurker

    Joined 2010 been idle till now. Heard about the EMS merge so now i'm back in business :D
  12. Insigma

    Insigma G.O.O.D MUSIC

    Way back in the day as NexonKiller my firend told me they had bots for maple.
  13. Lybido

    Lybido The New Guy

    According to my profile, sometime back in 2012. Im pretty sure I was trying to break some games on android.
  14. janniscui3

    janniscui3 The New Guy

    Sometime back in 2011 I was probably looking for maplestory hacks
  15. Dynami

    Dynami Informed Hacker

    2010 for Dungeon Fighter Online hacks. Stayed around for ELX VIP which was a godsend and the most amazing trainer ever. I hope it comes back some day.
  16. LongBalls

    LongBalls Informed Hacker

    When I was looking around for random hacks because I was bored with my life.
  17. popo1388

    popo1388 The New Guy

    last week when i was finding for hacks.. the hacks section is becomign smaller.
  18. BlackBunny

    BlackBunny Premium Premium Member

    I used GK like 6-7 years ago haha
  19. ShinGouki

    ShinGouki Prominent Hacker

    DFO hacks wayyyy back in the day. Jonathan was such a nice guy.
  20. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    I haven't heard that name in a longggggggggg time, brings back some memories.

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