[Work In Progress]FMA, Skill Injection and No Delay Database

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory Tutorials & Guides' started by Nathan, Nov 13, 2016.

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  1. Exhilerated

    Exhilerated 들뜬 기분

    Asura's Anger is a hyper, can't get it til 170, for those (like myself) who didn't know.

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  2. Nathan

    Nathan Game Killer

    Sorry about that, I'll mark level requirements for hyper skills from now on.
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  3. iFinesse

    iFinesse The New Guy

    Can you please do I/L and bishop? Thanks
  4. uberbor3d

    uberbor3d Informed Hacker

    Im pretty sure that was copy and pasted for the old skill inject list
  5. otkk

    otkk The New Guy

    Are you gonna update the main topic or is it a sort-through-the-comments kind of database?
  6. Austin92130

    Austin92130 Renown Hacker

    Dang these still DC rip
  7. Kiwi177

    Kiwi177 Veteran Hacker

    What are your settings for

    Beyond Blade - Skill inject working, no delay and no mana use. Stable. Good for bossing or mob vac. (21120024)

    I can't get it working longer than 3 minutes on even a slow delay without disconnecting.
  8. Wigsley

    Wigsley Premium Premium Member

    Anyone know any hermit skills?
  9. berklewerkles

    berklewerkles Lurker

    Hey! do you have anything on bowmaster?
  10. Wigsley

    Wigsley Premium Premium Member

    I believe hookshot is fma
  11. psytrumpet

    psytrumpet Lurker

    whos know kinesis FMA? 1st Job 2nd Job;;
  12. RiceDude

    RiceDude R i c e Premium Member

    i don't think there is a kinesis 1st/2nd job FMA
    just use kami or aggro with guard/full god mode until you are level 60 then use the FMA
  13. VendettaRED

    VendettaRED Veteran Hacker

    This should be changed from [Work In Progress] to [Not In Progress].
    Just use the old list:

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  14. Db4206910

    Db4206910 Informed Hacker

    i copy paste from somewhere. evan acc got banned so cant tell you how i got it to work but they all worked a few patches ago
  15. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Premium Premium Member

    what delay?
  16. uberbor3d

    uberbor3d Informed Hacker

    No delay doesnt work with those, just SI
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  17. lolera222

    lolera222 Informed Hacker

    2321001 - Big Bang from Bishop works SI, genesis not required
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  18. alalal312

    alalal312 Veteran Hacker

    Can you please add the ones working for Kaiser?
  19. Wigsley

    Wigsley Premium Premium Member

    Anyone got anything for Demon slayer
  20. barneycool1

    barneycool1 Veteran Hacker

    Do you have something for Demon Avenger ?

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