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Discussion in 'YouTube Monetization' started by que233, Mar 16, 2015.

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  1. que233

    que233 Veteran Hacker

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    I have my youtube channel and i would like to know how does the monetization work, do i have to get a certain number of subscribers? Does it matter how many views each video has? How do i know or how do i get my money from youtube?

    These are some of the doubts i have and been having ever since last year where one of my friends created his own gameplay channel but didn't know what to do, i am unclear on youtube monetization rules since they are not really set in stone (said by one of the youtubers i follow) and i feel like i'm risking something like my account here.

    thank you for reading, any critique or information would be appreciated!

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  2. renold458

    renold458 The New Guy

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    Before they invited you for different criteria, pretty sure view count mattered. Now I am not sure, my channel has been unused for a while and has been stagnant at 199 subscribers but I am still a Partner. Try here and here
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  3. icometobot

    icometobot United States Fanatic Hacker

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    one of the best tips and guidance so far
  4. xoxlol

    xoxlol Canada Premium Premium

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    Pretty sure a majority of brand deals or promos are from people noticing your channel, and for that to happen you're going to need to increase your audience, so i think that views and subs do infact matter!
  5. OfficialBW

    OfficialBW Godly Hacker

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    I know this is old as F**k thread. To get monetization on Youtube you have to have atleast 10k subscribers & about 1000+ views a week. If you do not have this the chances are slim to nothing. I only have 1k at the moment and easily make 5$ a week. Making tutorials & Random videos. Easiest money to just spend for subway lol. Anyways, look at most popular and trending videos right now. Make one of your own but don't necessarily copy and wala. Get insta famous.

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